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How to Post an Article | General


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Home Posting

To Post an article here, click on the white paper icon at the bottom of the list of articles. That will open up your editor.

You can either post a very brief description and then link the description to your article post the whole article in the test box. To create a link, highlight the first sentence that you wrote in the text box, click on the CHAIN icon and then copy the URL into the Link URL field.


Target = Open link in NEW window (mandatory for links)

Title = copy your title here

Class = leave blank

Then click insert. Now that the link is made, you can add your content including a read more button, a page break or even a small image (less then 1 MB).


For the publishing section – you must follow these guidelines or your article will be deleted without notification.


Section = ARTICLES

Category = AREA  (ENVIRONMENT, GUIDES, TOURISM, the one that corresponds to your article)

Published =Yes

Show on Frontpage = No

Author Alias is the real authors name, if you did not write the content. Type in the real authors name or leave blank and your name will show here.

You can create a start and end date if you want. This is great for events/projects that have an end date.

Access Level = Public


Throw in some metatags and keywords for the search engines and you are now published. Well, after you scroll back up to the top and click save, then you are published. Your profile will note that you are published and other people will be able to see your profile and your articles. Check out our membership to see who like to write. These are often the people who achieve great things. They are the dreamers and doers.




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