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What is CTM?

It is the only university granted credential for tour managing. Over a period of several years, IATM worked with NHTV Breda University of Professional Education to create a tour managing syllabus which is taught as part of a 2-year degree course at the university in Breda. Professional tour managers are permitted to challenge this part of the degree course as the CTM exam. Successful candidates receive a certificate of competency from IATM and a diploma from NHTV which states you have "satisfied the examining board … by examination on the core standards of tour managing and … adjudged to be capable of executing the activities of tour managing in accordance with these standards."


Why CTM?

The North American region is preparing a mailing to over 500 US and Canadian tour operators, informing them about IATM and CTM. Because CTM is a joint IATM- and university-granted diploma, tour operators are given the assurance that the CTM tour manager they are about to hire, and entrust with their passengers and reputation to, will do a good, professional job for them first time out.
Before too long, having the letters CTM after your name on your IATM business cards should equate to a hiring preference vis a vis the applicant who does not have CTM.
What does the exam cover?
Nothing you as a professional should not know by instinct or experience. The material is covered in the exam syllabus which is available for £25 inc. s & h (about US$20) from IATM's London headquarters. £20 of this is refunded as a reduction of the total exam fee which is currently £180 or about US$270.

How is the exam set up?

The first part of the exam (about 1½ hours) is a written exam. The second part is practical. As a candidate, you are randomly assigned a case study to read for half an hour before facing the exam panel. This consists of one IATM representative, one from NHTV and one local tourism industry representative. The panel puts questions to you, based on the study, then, finally, you are asked to give a 5-minute talk with a microphone on a topic of your choice; this could be site-specific instructions to clients, or background information about the site or area. The exam will probably require the whole day.

How to start

Contact IATM in London for the syllabus; the easiest way is to order by e-mail and credit card. The e-mail address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . By mail, IATM, 397 Walworth Road, London SE17 2AW, England: by phone 011-44-20-7703-0358. Please note that purchasing the syllabus does not automatically register you for the exam.
Send for the syllabus now, and join the select band of North American CTMs!


When is the next exam?

The last CTM exam in North America was held during October, 2002 in Denver with tremendous success. 10 New Candidates joined the ranks of other North American who have proven their dedication to the tour management industry by taking the CTM exam. The location and time for the next North American Exam is being discussed. Once decided, all the information of the exam will be published here. The exam is given at least once a year somewhere in the world, most often in conjunction with IATM's International Weekend or Convention.

The CTM exam is always being given somewhere in the world. Check IATM central office site for dates or their CTM Training page for more information.



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